I have been a part of the Fitness Bootcamp Tribe since 2009!   The passion and expertise I receive from coaches at Fitness Bootcamp has kept me engaged and motivated even when I wanted to cuss and quit. I have lost weight and inches over the years but more importantly I have gained in my strength, endurance, and overall physical fitness level. I realize that my journey to health is a marathon and not a sprint, but with the help of my fellow Winfield tribesmen and Fitness Bootcamp I have been able to maintain a healthy pace.   Thank you, Fitness Bootcamp, for keeping us moving.
Using the combination of Bootcamp and a sensible diet, I have lost 75 pounds Fitness Bootcamp has kept me engaged and active as a faithful participant for the last seven years. In that time, it has been part of my weight loss regimen and helped me through my weight loss plateaus. Using the combination of Bootcamp and a sensible diet, I have lost 75 pounds and have maintained that loss since February 2012.  As a result of my increased fitness, I have run in several races including two half-marathons and multiple 5k’s. I never thought I’d say this but–I love working out with my Bootcamp class! Sonya Schifferdecker – August 2012
I am 57 years old and wanted to get in better shape,toned and have more energy. WOW! Bootcamp is Great. In my first 6 weeks I have more energy, noticed that my clothes are fitting different and I’m having fun. I have lost 1/2″ in my arms, 3/4″ in my hips and 4″ in my waist. I am now starting into my 2nd session and I can tell that I’m jogging farther and I’m able to do more push ups. All of the trainers have helped me to achieve this. They encourage and help you all the way.This is definately the best experience that I’ve ever had. I will continue to attend Bootcamp for the next session. Debbie Flisram – February 2009
I am sticking with Bootcamp for 3 reasons: 1) My physical condition has improved steadily since I started.  I’ve lost 15 lbs in my first 8 weeks of Bootcamp and I can’t wait to see how much fitter I can get. 2)  It is fun! The workouts are outdoors and varied, and with multiple instructors and locations, no two workouts are the same. 3) The people:  The instructors are great, and the fellow Bootcampers (who are an inspiration to get in as good a shape as they are) are the best cheerleaders you can ask for — you can’t help but push yourself. I still have a few more pounds and inches left to reach my weight and fitness goals, and Bootcamp, complemented with good nutrition, are the way I’m getting there.  1-2-3, Bootcamp! Adrienne Pagan – September 2012
I used to make a lot of excuses,  I was too busy, too old, to tired from chasing my kids all day, and content to never wear a bikini again. I used to make a lot of excuses,  I was too busy, too old, to tired from chasing my kids all day, and content to never wear a bikini again. That all changed 1 year and 30 pounds ago, when I signed up for Fitness Bootcamp. At first, my excuse for waking before the crack of dawn to do torturous exercise 4 days a week, was to justify the expense. But then my body started changing. I was getting stronger, I could run, my ass got smaller, and I started not to jiggle. The way I was feeling and looking made those old excuses seem pathetic, and since then I’ve stopped making so many of them. It’s trickled down into every aspect of my life – from how I choose to eat, to how late I stay out drinking champagne on ladies night, to the choices I make about my health, to the color of bikini I wanted to wear this summer. Now, I like getting up early. I hate to miss a Bootcamp workout. The instructors motivate and inspire me at every workout. And I don’t mind the torture because i can see my triceps where my wings used to be. Desi Conner – June 2012
I joined Fitness Bootcamp 2 months ago and I am excited that I did. Fitness Bootcamp changed my life and body.  After joining Fitness Bootcamp my body has transformed tremendously and now I can complete my job as a respiratory therapist with a much higher level of confidence. I can now complete chest compressions during resuscitation at a high level for a sustained period of time without needing long rest. This leads to better quality of service for my patients.   Thank you Edgar and Staff so much for what you do and offer. Isaac Wahragu – June 2017


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